About the Journal

Pangripta Jurnal Ilmiah Kajian Perencanaan Pembangunan is a Scientific Journal published by Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Daerah Kota Malang. The journal features research articles and other scholarly works with a FOCUS ON DEVELOPMENT PLANNING in the fields of :

1. Economics:
    • Macroeconomic Regional Indicators
    • Development Problems
2. Natural Resources:
    • Environmental Issues
3. Human Development:
    • Human Resources in Public Organization
4. Community Development:
    • Community Development
5. Socio-Cultural Aspects:
    • Governance and Various Areas of Public Services
6. Infrastructure:
    • Infrastructure Financing
7. Regional Development:
    • Regional Planning
    • Development Planning
    • Regional Development
8. Regional Innovation:
    • Regional Science
    • Regional and/or Rural Planning
    • Regional Economics
    • Spatial and Environmental Planning
    • Regional Information System
    • Public Policy
9. Local Economic Development Strategies:
    • Municipal financing for community development
    • Fiscal decentralization impact on local economies
10. Monitoring and Evaluation of Financial Performance:
    • Establishing frameworks for evaluation
    • Financial indicators for project success
11. Global Economic Trends and Development Finance:
    • Influence of global economic trends on local finance
    • Role of international financial institutions
    • Strategies for adapting to changing global conditions
12. Innovation in Regional Development:
    • Integrating technological advancements into regional development
    • Strategies for fostering innovation hubs
    • Role of regional innovation in economic growth