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: creative economy, growth


Creative economy is the embodiment of added value from intellectual property originating from human creativity based on cultural heritage, science, and/or technology. The city of Malang has the potential of 16 creative economy sub-sectors which include architecture, interior design, visual communication design, product design, animated films and videos, photography, craft, culinary, music, fashion, application and game developers, publishing, advertising, television and radio, performing arts and fine arts. The purpose of measuring Malang City's Creative Economic Growth in 2021 is to measure the creative economy GRDP figure in 2020, forecasting the creative economy GRDP figure as an achievement in 2021, calculating the creative economy growth rate in 2020, analyzing the results obtained in 2020 and forecasting 2021 with a target / targets that have been scientifically determined and provide policy recommendations that need to be carried out by the Malang City Government. The analytical method used to measure GRDP uses a production approach and a deflationary approach. While the method used to predict forecasting is the Weighted Moving Average. The creative economy GRDP of Malang City in 2020 is IDR 7267.43 billion (ADHB) and IDR 5374.5 billion (ADHK). The results of the measurement of Malang City's Creative Economy growth in 2020 obtained a value of -8.85 percent, which experienced a decrease from the measurement results of the previous year because creative economy business actors were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.



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